We all know that the environment in which we live is constantly threatened by waste and pollutants that risk causing serious damage to our health.

Every year almost 30 million tons of domestic waste and 135 million tons of special and industrial waste are produced in Italy (source, ISPRA report).

The consumption of coffee capsules, which in recent years in Italy has recorded a constant double-digit increase, also plays an important role in this situation.

Some countries have started to do something about it. Recent news is that the German city of Hamburg has banned the use of coffee capsules in its municipal offices for environmental reasons.

We, in our own small way, are embarking on a process that will see us replacing capsules with pods and powdered coffee that have a lower impact on the environment when they become waste.

We make every effort to create better alternatives in our industry and encourage the use of low-impact solutions for a better world for all.

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